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Access BaqueiraPASS private area

Enter the email address for your BaqueiraPASS and we will send you a link to your private area.

What operations you can do in your BaqueiraPASS private area:

  • Recharge your BaqueiraPASS and those of family members and friends for the season or for individual days.
  • Consult your invoices.
  • Consult your current recharges.
  • Consult and update your personal details.
  • Personalise the notifications you want to receive.
  • Report the loss of your BaqueiraPASS card.
  • Asegurar recarga de forfaits de día(s) ya adquiridos.

Don’t have the BaqueiraPASS yet?

What is the BaqueiraPASS?

The BaqueiraPASS is a ski pass card for Baqueira Beret, which you can top up for days or for the whole season. The card is personal, bearing the cardholder’s name, that provides the owner with a private area where they can: consult and update their personal information, consult their invoices, personalise communications, etc. But the biggest advantage is that you can recharge your BaqueiraPASS and family members’ and friends’ cards at reduced rates and without having to queue at the ticket office.

You can order your BaqueiraPASS online at a cost of €10. The card is valid for a minimum of La tarjeta es válida para un mínimo de 3 seasons which means you won’t need to order it every year.

Once you have ordered your BaqueiraPASS, by sending all the right information and photograph, your card will be delivered to your home * within the following 5 working days approximately if you have supplied an address in Spain or France. Otherwise, you can collect your card at the Resort.

*For residents in the Canary Islands, Val d’Aran and Valls d’Aneu: see conditions

BaqueiraPASS, advantages
  • From home
    Request it online and have it sent to your home address. Top it up anywhere and get immediate access to ski lifts: Arrive, and ski.
  • Faster top-ups for all
    And family and friends in the private area. Your BaqueiraPASS details will be saved for faster, more convenient top-ups. Save your payment details or use your wallet for even simpler top-ups
  • Exclusive services
    BaqueiraPASS is an exclusive identification for Baqueira Beret customers. It gives you access to more personalised services, including a private area where you can: top up any of your ski lift passes, check your invoices and top-ups, check and update your details and customise your communications. Your BaqueiraPASS also gives you access to exclusive services on the Baqueira Beret app such as SkiTrack and restaurant reservations.
  • Valid for three seasons
    It doesn't expire at the end of the season, so there's no need to request another when you come in following seasons. You only need to renew it after three seasons.
  • Best price
    Get day top-ups at a discounted rate. Plus, you can top up your Season ski lift pass via the BaqueiraPASS, ideal for regular skiers.

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